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This is more than breakthrough technology. It is a must-have for multiple industries and consumers everywhere.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our platform allows users to access 3D product catalogues, configure product and customize digital environments in:

• 360-degree orbital viewer.

• Pre-staged rooms and digital replicas of the users’ own properties.

• New construction, properties listed for sale, lease or vacation rental …

Our AWS server structure is global and fully scalable. It protects personal and property information and limits third-party access to persons approved by the property owner.

WebGL versions of the software can be used on any browser or device. Users requiring faster downloads and the best possible visual quality, such as in furniture sales, will have the option to download an app.

Picturethis3D has overcome many roadblocks to cloud-based product visualization, including:

• A module system allowing users to cherry pick features in customizing the software to their specific requirements.

• An intelligent configurator enabling unlimited product customization across multiple applications.

We have two patents pending.

We have two patents pending.


... but Picturethis3D is not a tech company

by key industry executives:

• Property Owners and Managers

• Real Estate

• Retailers and Manufacturers

• Interior and Landscape Designers

• Property Developers and Renovation


• Insurance Companies

• Emergency Responders PICTURE THIS

Picturethis3D hosted countless interviews and focus groups starting in 2014. The purpose was to help solve problems resulting from increased consumer usage of the internet. After a global search determined that the solutions identified in our focus groups did not exist, Picturethis3D opted to build the necessary software platform in house.

The result is a sustainable visualization platform unlike anything currently on the market. Picturethis3D is the first and only product visualization company to offer a subscription-based whole home replica to facilitate furnishing sales and property improvements. Unlike other companies, the cost is spread across multiple industries and is therefore affordable to mainstream markets.

The core of our platform is a digital property manual called Digidigz. It is an interactive 3D replica of any home, office, industrial space or public venue hosted in the cloud. It allows users to view property replicas from dollhouse or birds eye views, and walk inside to get a sense of the actual space and traffic flow. 

We use emerging technologies in a way that recaptures the personal connection inherent to good old-fashioned shopping. We support the economic and social wellbeing of communities around the world with global exposure and subsidies that keep more profits in the pockets of local business.

The software is fun and easy to use, but it is not a game.


Why PictureThis3D?


Real Estate

Consumers often can’t see past dated and inappropriate décor when shopping for a new home. We help buyers focus on
structure and potential by
removing personal
belongings from the
shopping equation.

Publish anywhere

Experience renovations and design choices before you hire a
contractor. There’s
more … collect quotes with a visual presentation and accurate measurements from the comfort of your home or office.

Ask about professional 3D renderings, interactive property models, fly-through video and unbeatable prices!

Sell Before You Build

Shop With Confidence

More than 90 percent of consumers can’t visualize how furnishings will fit and appear in their own space. Immersive 3D increases buyer confidence and reduces return rates.

Design In Real Time

Our free and easy to use software platform adds instant visuals to design consults. Designers and landscape architects improve customer service and eliminate the costly back and forth in traditional design rendering. Sign up online.

Brick and Mortar But Better

Equip sales associates with a digital platform that does much more than help make a sale. Picturethis3D is the groundwork that engages customers in a way that builds long lasting
relationships, brand loyalty and
friends for life.

Key Innovators


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Are you ready?

Picturethis3D has the most advanced product visualization platform in the market. If you want your customers coming back for life, you need to add our new standard in digital product visualization to your sales process.

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