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This is more than breakthrough technology. It is a must-have for multiple industries and consumers everywhere.


We strive to recapture the best of good old-fashioned shopping using an innovative combination of video, live chat and immersive technology. Picturethis3D tells the stories of passion and pride behind great products, building meaningful connections between customers and furnishing vendors.

Why PictureThis3D?


Real Estate

Consumers often can’t see past dated and inappropriate décor when shopping for a new home. We help buyers focus on
structure and potential by
removing personal
belongings from the
shopping equation.

Publish anywhere

Experience renovations and design choices before you hire a
contractor. There’s
more … collect quotes with a visual presentation and accurate measurements from the comfort of your home or office.

Ask about professional 3D renderings, interactive property models, fly-through video and unbeatable prices!

Sell Before You Build

Shop With Confidence

More than 90 percent of consumers can’t visualize how furnishings will fit and appear in their own space. Immersive 3D increases buyer confidence and reduces return rates.

Design In Real Time

Our free and easy to use software platform adds instant visuals to design consults. Designers and landscape architects improve customer service and eliminate the costly back and forth in traditional design rendering. Sign up online.

Join Us

Join our network of service
contractors licensed to
create digital twins of
actual properties.
This is a lucrative opportunity
for property service professionals
to augment or start a business.

Brick and Mortar But Better

Equip sales associates with a digital platform that does much more than help make a sale. Picturethis3D is the groundwork that engages customers in a way that builds long lasting
relationships, brand loyalty and
friends for life.

Why PictureThis3D?


Key Innovators


Our goal


To provide an engaging, realistic digital shopping experience, with better product information, imagery and lifestyle visualization that creates lasting connections between furniture manufacturers, retailers, designers and their customers.

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martibot blog

Let’s get real about AI

Artificial intelligence is smart. It has even taught us how to ask a question online. One typo and the chat bot will start asking the question. “What do you mean? I don’t understand.”  Next thing you know you are apologizing to the chat bot for your lack of typing skills, and your inquiry is escalated to who knows where.



Are you ready?

Picturethis3D has the most advanced product visualization platform in the market. If you want your customers coming back for life, you need to add our new standard in digital product visualization to your sales process.