December 4, 2021

Benefits of Using a 3D Room Planner to Design Your Space

Using a 3D Room Planner to Design Your Space

A 3D room planner gives you a 360 degree view of a space and the items contained in it, accurately scaled to real-life size. It’s a useful tool for real estate agents, interior designers, and many other professionals, as well as an efficient method of shopping and designing for home use when doing renovations and furnishing a living area. Let’s explore some of the many benefits of using a 3D room planner!

A Faster, More Fun Shopping Experience

When using a 3D room planner to shop for items, you don’t need to rely on a furniture shop having everything in stock for you to look at. It’s easy to browse entire selections from different brands and compare how they will look in your room. With less stress involved, you can have more fun playing around with the design and aren’t as limited in your choices.

It’s Easier to Visualize

Most of us have been there – standing in the middle of the room, trying to picture in your mind’s eye where each of your pieces of furniture would look best. It’s so much easier to see what the finished space will look like if you can move the furniture around every which way, without even getting up from the computer!

Cut Down on Confusing Measurements

With 3D room planners, there’s no need to take measurements of the space, then bring those numbers to the store and try measuring their floor models, finally returning home to ensure the pieces will fit. 

Cut through all these steps by just measuring your space one time, and let the rest be done on the screen. With advances in technology, you can measure the area easily with your phone, which is helpful for hard-to-reach places, and if you don’t own a tape measure or have no one around to hold the end still for you.

Customize Your Space With Ease

Whether you’re planning major renovations or just buying a new couch, using a 3D room planner to change things makes decisions much faster. Sometimes a new wall colour or furniture piece can look fantastic in your imagination, but not so great once it’s in your house with your existing furnishings. 

Customizing colours, textures, and styles of items with the click of a button, then placing them in a virtual replication of their future environment, takes the guesswork out of the process. 

Perhaps you’re stuck deciding between a 3-seat sofa or a 5-seat sectional sofa for the new living room. Do you want a dining table and chairs in the centre of the kitchen, or a nook with benches in the corner of the room? Why not try them all out and see what you think of different combinations! 

PictureThis3D has the highest quality space design product available, with our 3D Room Planner. One of our top specialties is fully immersive and genuinely interactive space design in virtual replicas of real living spaces. Learn more and play with our demo software here.


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