eCommerce Just Got Personal

Imagine shopping for furnishings inside a digital replica of your own living space before heading out to the store. “Walk” inside a home listed for sale, replacing furnishings, changing flooring, and designing a new kitchen, all before calling your realtor to request a showing. Experiment with renovation possibilities before the Contractor arrives. 

Picturethis3D has just added new meaning to the concept of sustainable marketing with the early release of its 3D product visualization platform. It hosts whole-home digital replicas indefinitely on a global AWS server system together with unlimited products, fabrics, finishes and configurations. It’s product visualization that takes the grief out of online shopping and the guesswork out product images and fabric swatches found in store.

“Don’t make your customers venture into the Cloud to find you, or search through a myriad of eCommerce sites to find better selections,” says Picturethis3D COO Richard Hillier. Better yet, don’t expect them to photograph or measure their living space and then create a floor plan every time they want to see how a sofa would fit in their living space.



Although it feels and interacts like a high-end video game, this is much more than fun and games. It is a sophisticated subscription-based product with exceptional image quality. Added features will benefit various industries and encourage routine access that goes far beyond furniture shopping. 

Together with a global network of floor plan technicians, we are creating fully interactive and professionally staged digital replicas of actual properties on behalf of property owners, furnishing companies, realtors, contractors, and financial services. Each will be staged with home furnishing products that can be purchased online and/or in store. Consumers can ‘walk’ inside digital spaces and view, move and replace products with those contained in a catalogue of select furnishing brands. 

This early release is in keeping with the company’s approach to software development. “We don’t build software and then try to sell it,” says Picturethis3D CEO Eevi Jensen. “DigiDigz is based on years of trade show conversations, interviews and focus groups and its features directly solve real problems. This demo release and the attached survey will help us continue to focus on specific industry requirements and opportunities.”

“We have talked to countless top home furnishing retailers and manufacturers, real estate professionals and interior designers throughout the development process. Many of their challenges are associated with the internet. Ironically, DigiDigz uses emerging technology to build bridges between online shopping and a good old fashioned personal shopping experience.”

“We began in 2014 with an effort to help homebuyers see past clutter and inappropriate furnishings in homes listed for sale, and Picturethis3D has since evolved into so much more. We provide an opportunity for retailers and manufacturers to showcase 3D models of their products inside digital properties accessed routinely by serious buyers. Those buyers can see exactly how those products and every possible configuration, fabric and finish option will fit and appear in the context of their own living space.”

Last but not least, Picturethis3D provides better online information about real estate listings than photographs alone, helping consumers narrow down their search. “With DigiDigz, they will be able to find an ideal home, plan improvements, and find furnishings that fit, all before scheduling a showing.” Until now, there has been a disconnect between visualization software and the marketplace. Consumers typically fumble their way through the Cloud for a third-party site and create a floor plan, all before seeing any furnishing product.

DigiDigz eliminates those gruelling steps, putting your product inside a consumers own digital property replica, which is accessed routinely for much more than just furniture shopping.

Picture This Today 3D Inc.

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Eevi Jensen:                  1.250.858.4216