November 8, 2021

Everything’s Right in Furniture Retail

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Are consumers tired of navigating the disarray of eCommerce sites flooding the internet? Are brick-and-mortar retailers overcoming limited selections and floor space with the use of digital technology? A bit of both?

Numbers quoted by Home Furnishings News suggest consumers are gravitating back to in-store shopping, and for good reason. Everyone wants to tuck themselves into a sofa and run their hand along a woodgrain table before turning over their credit card.

Retailers can now offer the best of both worlds by adding digital technology to their toolkit. Consumers can scroll through full inventories and fabric options in the comfort of their own home, then see how their favorites will fit and appear inside either a digital replica of their own living space, or Augmented Reality.

This is the best part: With Picturethis3D, consumers are encouraged to complete their shopping experience with the personal interaction and physical touch found only in stores.

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Are you ready?

Picturethis3D has the most advanced product visualization platform in the market. If you want your customers coming back for life, you need to add our new standard in digital product visualization to your sales process.