The mere mention of the term “Room Planner” is enough to make some furnishing executives want to run and hide. Millions have been invested into failed attempts at digital furniture visualization.
Picturethis3d is different. The innovative use of a video game engine and recent technical advancements have since differentiated us from any other visualization software on the market. We stripped away everything complicated about room design. Consumers can create a virtual replica of their own living space in seconds and see how product will fit and appear in minutes.

Here’s an example of the old way of shopping with static images vs the Picturethis3D way. Note the sofa is in context of the customer’s living room making it easier to visualize – and buy.

Wouldn’t you rather give your customers the opportunity to visualize your furniture in their own home or office?

static furniture page example
3d furniture platform demo
Customers can create or access the virtual space from their home or office, before, during and after visiting the store.
Customers can save their designs and share with friends and family, effectively inviting new customers to the store to help them shop. Salespersons can access saved designs and reach out to customers about sales, or new products presented via link and in the context of their own virtual living space.

Ready to take a step towards augmented retail with us?


Are you ready?

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