October 29, 2021

Picturethis3D introduces 3D Product Visualization ‘on Steroids’

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Picturethis3D is going to change the way people shop for just about everything, both instore and online. Designed for small to medium-sized furnishing vendors, its visual appeal exceeds AR and VR applications recently introduced by major retailers. The best part: the cost won’t break even the tightest marketing budgets.

3D product visualization is revolutionizing the industry, dramatically improving customer experiences and conversion rates. Inventories are no longer confined geographically or limited by the size of retail showrooms. Customers can see every possible product, configuration, and fabric and finish options in the context of their own living space.
“The difference with Picturethis3D is in its business model. It takes online shopping out of the cloud and brings it into actual living spaces. It is affordable to the industry mainstream because there are multiple customer groups and revenue streams,” said Picturethis3D’s Eevi Jensen. “Once the dust has settled in the race to 3D visualization, Picturethis3D will stand strong with multiple industry ties and because its consumer benefits are far-reaching and sustainable.”

The function of this powerful 3D visualization platform far outweighs its bells and whistles. Re3D is a solution to a multitude of challenges facing online retailers, brick and mortar stores, real estate, property managers, and homeowners. Picturethis3D provides unparalleled value in that 3D product models are used in multiple sales channels, said Jensen. “Beyond the usual applications for websites and sales kiosks, it places product inside virtual replicas of actual homes, offices and public venues, reaching customers on their home turf.”

Picturethis3D is the cornerstone of a subscription-based business model designed to keep customers engaged even after they have found that perfect chair. Its innovative and critical features are clearly set to become a “must have” for everyone who owns or rents property.

The software is cloud-based, meaning it is not necessary to download an app and will work on all browsers and devices. It uses existing 3D models supplied by vendors, or Picturethis3D creates new models using photographs and measurements.

Critics describe Re3D as the most intuitive, easy-to-use and versatile 3D room planner, product viewer and decorating tool on the planet. “It is product visualization on steroids, combining 360-degree orbital viewing, fabric and finish draping and product configuration functions in one.” Customers experience 3D replicas of their own living spaces in real time, changing wall and floor coverings, and arranging furnishing products and decor.

“Any living space can become a blank canvas encouraging consumers to furnish rooms – and entire homes – as opposed to just adding a chair or table to what already exists. The canvas can be updated and changed completely over time.”

Regardless of age or aptitude, this is guaranteed to raise a smile. Four easy steps walk customers through the process with zero learning curve, no frustration, complete control and instant results. “An elderly test subject recently furnished a living space within minutes of opening the application, then said she had yet to master opening her own email account.”

Picturethis3D is the brainchild of Picture This Today 3D Inc. and headquartered in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia.


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Picturethis3D has the most advanced product visualization platform in the market. If you want your customers coming back for life, you need to add our new standard in digital product visualization to your sales process.