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High-level real estate marketing is expensive. One of the key problems identified by real estate agents is affordability.

DigiDigz is designed for real estate marketing and targets real estate sales, property management and new construction. We have taken the platform a step further by solving problems facing other property-related industries, and therefore generate multiple revenue streams. This adds up to lower costs and exceptional value for everyone. Here’s just a few examples:


More than 90% of consumers have trouble visualizing how furnishing product will fit and appear in their living space. Many avoid or delay purchasing decisions, or ultimately return the product.

Consumers can save and access property replicas any time and from anywhere, placing 3D models of actual products to see how they will fit, and toggling through unlimited fabric and finish options.

Furnishing companies and service providers can provide their best customers with a replica of their entire property and show new product in the context of their own living spaces, for as long as the customer owns the property.

The high cost of retail space and financing inventory make it difficult to show full product lines in a showroom. Consumers are turning to online shopping for better selections.

Consumers can see full product lines and configuration options by logging into Digidigz and opening exclusive catalogues of 3D product models from a variety of manufacturers, on any device including an instore kiosk.

Digidigz offers the best of both worlds. Consumers can view  full product lines in the context of their living space, then complete purchases with the personal service found only in brick-and- mortar stores.

Consumers are becoming increasingly frustrated trying to navigate the whirlwind of eCommerce retailers flooding the Internet. Many feel inundated with emails, misleading pop-up ads, confusing security measures.

No need to search a myriad of eCommerce sites. Digidigz is a personal shopping experience bringing highly curated furnishing product into the context of your own living space.

We provide a shopping experience far superior to what can be accomplished on the Internet. It takes consumers out of the online marketing frenzy, providing a trusted at home or in-store experience.

Small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to compete in markets dominated by eCommerce giants and foreign influence. Such practices often cut profits to the point that locals can’t afford to stay in business.

We use emerging technology, recorded and live video storytelling and authenticity to build connections between consumers and the artisan who built it.

Imagine the great story a consumer will have to tell about a unique cabinet purchased from some remote  corner of the world. We believe consumers want to have this feeling of connection attached to the products they buy.

Consumers often can’t see past dated and inappropriate décor when shopping for  new homes. It is difficult to visualize how existing furnishings will fit and appear in the new space.

We emphasize the structure and potential of properties. The 3D replica serves as a blank canvas engaging buyers to furnish the space in keeping with their own style.

Buyers can make a property their own before booking a showing. Commercial buyers can determine if a space will work for their business before viewing it in person and possibly wasting everyone’s time.

Consumers look first to the internet when shopping for property. This is a massive disconnect from the days when buyers searched through listing binders together with real estate agents.

Publishing interactive 3D floor plans together with video and a direct link to a knowledgeable Realtor ensures opportunities are not cast aside for lack of or misleading information.

High-end marketing is expensive and generally reserved for properties that generate large commissions. Agents will be able to access this exceptional selling tool for the same cost as a typical 2D floor plan.

Photographs of the personal spaces and valued possessions are routinely published on the internet. As property crime  increases, this is considered invasive and a security problem for property owners.

Picturethis3D real estate presentations focus on the structure and potential of properties. Seller have the option to forgo publishing interior photographs online.

The interactive nature of digital replicas broadens the reach to potential buyers because they are not distracted by superficial items. They can engage with the property by virtually staging the rooms according to their own taste.



Comparing four or five quotes from service trades is time consuming, and your requirements can be interpreted in as many different ways. Imaging a renovation or new build is difficult for most.

Digidigz streamlines  the process of soliciting quotes for property improvements with consistent and visual information. It also allows new home buyers to experience a structure before it’s built.

Experience property improvements or entire structures before they happen. As a bonus an online mortgage application instantly shows the effect of renovations and upgrades on mortgage payments.

It’s difficult to imagine how a new construction project and finish options will look and feel, and building show homes is expensive. DigiDigz allows buyers to walk inside the digital structure before you even break ground.

Property information, including product warranties, paint chips, maintenance schedules, receipts and assembly manuals are generally scattered across many locations and not kept up to date.

Digidigz is a digital property manual containing property- related information. It is subscription based, mobile friendly, and easy access keeps information relevant and up to date.

Digidigz features encourage daily use by property owner or tenant and, therefore stays top of mind when it’s time to shop for furnishings, fixture, renovations or other property services.



The design process is time consuming, with many sketches passed back and forth. It requires several meetings as designers return to their offices to render each iteration in the design process.

Picturethis3D allows designers to work with clients in real time. They can move walls, change doors and windows, and place product with instant visual results. No training program required.

This allows each party to communicate and understand each other’s ideas in real time. It also reduces the amount of time designers need to invest in each client before getting a signed contract.

The benefits to consumers in being able to visualize property improvements during the home buying process is without question. Our online mortgage application takes matters a step further by automatically feeding those costs into our online mortgage application and broker referral system.



Routine property maintenance helps prevent dollar loss and safety issues, but people are busy and often forget. As well, failure to keep an up-to-date content list can result in an insurance nightmare.

Digidigz will feature text reminders to, for example, check smoke detectors, change the furnace filter and clean gutters. They can also set up texts to remind them to fertilize the garden and take recycling to the curb.

Digidigz provides easy-to-access and secure online storage of detailed property information. Users can email content photos and receipts to their insurance company in the event of a claim.


Are you ready?

Picturethis3D has the most advanced product visualization platform in the market. If you want your customers coming back for life, you need to add our new standard in digital product visualization to your sales process.

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