January 13, 2022

Capture the Passion Behind Your Products with Storytelling Video

What is a Storytelling Video?

Storytelling videos can range anywhere from a behind-the-scenes type view of the business and/or creating its products, to a story focusing on the history of how the business came to be. It can also be about the people who run the business, or the company’s values and how they stay true to their beliefs.

The most important part of a storytelling video is to showcase the passion that drives the business forward, and to draw viewers in with the compelling story. If the video is entertaining, full of new information, or reminds the audience of someone, they might even share it with friends, family or followers to spread the word!

How Can Storytelling Video Benefit My Business?

Brand Recognition

There are so many brands trying to be seen out there, people can’t be expected to know about each and every one. So how do you stand out from the crowd of big names and smaller businesses who all want to be a household name? One way is by creating a memorable video that leaves a long-lasting impression on its audience. Storytelling videos can be used to educate people about your business, so when the time comes to make a purchase in your industry, or book a service that you provide, your brand is top of mind and easily recognizable.

Brand Loyalty

If your business has fierce competition, cultivating a loyal customer base is important for success. A storytelling video that features positive aspects of your business, with a compelling storyline that makes people want to keep watching, and makes them feel something, will leave an audience wanting to see more. If you can make your viewers laugh, feel nostalgic, or even tug at their heart strings, it will cause a positive association with your company.

Educate Curious Potential & Current Customers

A good storytelling video will educate the audience on some aspect of your business that they might not otherwise have known about. This video may be the first time someone has ever even heard of your brand, or it may be a longtime customer watching it on your social media page that they already follow. Either way, the viewers should learn something from it, and then be directed to where they can learn more, either at the end of the video, or in a link contained in its description. Curious people may continue their quest for knowledge, while others may take some time to contemplate what they’ve just heard.

How Do You Make a Good Storytelling Video?

Image from Lemonlight

Elements of a good storytelling video can include: 

  • using humorous language or images
  • showing how your product/services can help solve a problem in client’s lives
  • focusing on the themes around your business, rather than making a sales pitch
  • direct to camera interview format with business founder/owner/expert/well-known person
  • building the story to evoke emotions in the audience
  • being creative, telling a story that hasn’t been heard by many before
  • combining powerful images and music/sounds to convey a message that stands out

PictureThis3D offers high quality Storytelling Videos, among many other services. Our professionally made Storytelling Videos will feature the heart of your business and tell compelling stories about your good work. Customers will be more engaged with your brand if they know a little bit about the people they are supporting and what goes on behind the scenes of your business! 

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