DigiDigz showcases digital replicas of any living or work space. Users can arrange 3D models of real products inside the virtual space, and experience unlimited furnishing, décor and renovation options in real time. 

Basic Navigation

Click and hold your left mouse button, then drag your mouse to view the plan from any angle.

Click and hold your right mouse button, then drag your mouse to pan over the plan.

Use the scroll button to zoom in for a closer look.

Three Ways to Engage

DigiDigz is a feature-rich platform with new abilities to interact with digital property replicas for many good reasons. However, most real estate buyers simply want a quick look at a 3D floor plan. DigiDigz plans open by default in View Only mode, providing dollhouse and multiple floor views and basic information such as room types and dimensions. Edit Mode gives users added abilities to decorate the virtual space and arrange 3D models of furnishing products, and Renovation Mode enables minor renovations.

DigiDigz opens in View Only Mode by default.


This is a basic view intended as a quick look at a digital floor plan replica with the ability to zoom in and view the floor layout from any angle.  It helps real estate clients get a spacial sense of properties listed for sale, and provide basic floor plan information such as room layout and dimensions.


If a plan has more than one level, buyers can view an individual floor by making a selection in the control panel at the top of the page. Clicking a floor area will display that room name and its dimensions at the top of the page. 


You can return to the dollhouse view of the complete property by clicking the plan name at the top of the page. 


Click “Edit Plan” at the top right of the View Only screen to add abilities to change wall and floor coverings, and place, arrange and configure furnishings inside your digital property.

This is an intuitive planning tool that guides you through many inspiring design features. You can arrange and configure furnishing product inside the digital property to get a sense of how they will fit and appear, then toggle through every possible fabric and texture option.

Please note, the feature that allows you to move and resize structural objects, such as walls, windows and doors, is locked by default. You can enable this new ability by selecting a wall and then clicking the “Lock” icon that appears at the bottom left of the screen. We will explain it all a bit later under the heading “Renovation Mode”.


Clicking a floor area will show a selection of product models that can be placed on that floor. You can scroll through product options in a carousel view or expand the catalogue to speed up your search. Save your favorites by clicking the save icon at the top right of any thumbnail and access your favorites any time via the folder at the right of the screen. 

Flooring Options

Select a floor area and then click the Materials icons. Flooring options appear in the carousel at the bottom of the screen. You can make the property your own by selecting the perfect flooring for each room. DigiDigz generates accurate measurements making it fast and easy to collect multiple quotes from local flooring retailers.

Floor Covering Options

Click to select a wall and add objects such as baseboards and artwork. Options appear in the carousel at the bottom of the screen.


Try paint, wallpaper and other wall coverings on for style by clicking a wall, then the Materials icon and then making a selection from the carousel.


Buying a new home? See how your existing furniture will fit and appear in the new space. DigiDigz provides generic furniture and various shapes. Place them inside the digital plan and size them to match your your living room furniture or bedroom set. You can reposition them again and again without breaking a sweat.


Simply click where you wish to add a piece and an options menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select the piece you would like to add and it will appear in position. You can also select a piece and then click the Delete icon at the left of the screen.


Any piece can be selected directly. First select the product and then click on the component you wish to manipulate. When the Materials icon is selected, users can swap materials, change the style, duplicate and delete pieces.


Walls, windows, doors and structural openings are locked in position by default. You can explore upgrade options by replacing a window or door, but you cannot change its size or location. If you are planning a minor renovation, select a window, for example, and a Lock icon will appear at the bottom left of the screen. Click this icon once to unlock all structural elements in the plan. You can then move and resize windows and doors, and change the thickness, height and position of walls.


This feature is intended to help plan minor renovations. Users must access structural plans available through their floor plan contractor or upgraded DigiDigz subscription to plan major renovations such as adding rooms.


Clicking the Lock icon a second time will reactivate the lock feature. 


Product Catalogues

Icons at the right of the page open full and filtered catalogues in grid format at the bottom of the screen. Click a floor or wall within the digital structure. A blue outline will indicate what object has been selected. All categories of product that can be placed or applied to your selection will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can filter the view by clicking a category or by using the search bar immediately above the catalogue.

For quick access, any catalogue item can be added to a personal favorites folder by clicking the ribbon on the product thumbnail at the bottom of the screen. The number of items in the folder is indicated below the icon at the right of the screen. Clicking the red icon at the right of the screen will filter the ctatlogue to show only objects selected as favorites. 

Buttons to the top right of the catalogue grid at the bottom of the screen will expand, minimize and close the catalogue.

Room designs can also be saved to a personal folder at any point in the design process by clicking the green folder at the right of the screen. Clicking the icon a second time will show saved room designs in the carousel. 

If the product pr plan has already been save, clicking the icon will remove it from the folder.

Decorate & Visualize

It is recommended that you decorate and renovate the plan in either Dollhouse or Floor Plan View, then ‘Walk Inside’ to visualize the space. Zoom and Pan features have been disabled in Walk Inside mode to better simulate an actual walkthrough.

Selecting objects is a simple tool for targeting items that users wish to manipulate. To select any wall, floor or product simply left click the object. A blue outline indicates the object has in fact been selected. 

Double click any object to zoom in and place it at the centre of your screen. This will keep the object at the centre of the screen as you make changes, and is useful for viewing fabric and texture options.

Click outside the plan or hit escape to deselect the object. 

To move a product within the floor layout, simply left-click-HOLD (2 SECONDS) and drag the the product to its desired location.

To rotate product, left-click-hold and use the scroll wheel. Scroll upwards to rotate the object clockwise, and downwards for counter-clockwise rotation.

Users can quickly delete any unwanted object in their design by selecting the item and clicking the delete button at the left of the screen.

Users can quickly duplicate objects in their floorplan by selecting the item and then clicking the duplicate button to the left of the screen. The item will replicate itself at a position slightly offset from the original object.

When you select an object and the animate button appears at the top of the screen, it means the object has added functionality. For example, it might show the lighting effect of turning a light fixture on or off, or how a chair might recline, or open/close a door. In most cases the same effect can be achieved by double clicking the object.

Product Information

Clicking a product model, then the  information icon at the top of the screen will generate a pop up that shows detailed product information, including videos introducing product vendors, links to their websites and directions to any local brick and mortar stores.l


Share your designs with clients, friends and family by clicking the Share button at the top of the screen. They can weigh in on design choices by modifying and sharing a duplicate plan.

Measurement Tools


Two measurement tools are available in the Digidigz app. The first appears automatically at the bottom centre of the screen when you select any object. Shown is the actual measurement of objects and the numbers change dynamically as you change the size or configuration of the object.

The second measurement tool appears when you move an object within the plan. Arrow indicate the distance to the two closest walls and assist in furniture placement.


We are constantly working to make Digidigz as fun and easy to use as possible. If anything is missing within this documentation or you find any part of this instruction set confusing, Digidigz can be contacted at: info@picturethis3d.com