The New Look in Real Estate


Engage buyers with interactive 3D

Imagine walking inside a digital replica of a property listed for sale. You can change the flooring and wall coverings, and arrange furniture, making the property your own before even booking a showing.

DigiDigz is a fun and easy way to create stunning visual replicas of existing and planned living spaces. Real Estate professionals and property developers now have direct access to this revolutionary software that  generates much more than a floor plan at a fraction of the cost of traditional line drawings. Get the attention your listings deserve with this new ability to:

  • Help clients see past superficial qualities and focus on the structure and potential of properties listed for sale or lease.
  • Explore an interactive 3D floor plan and click on floor areas for a quick look at room names and dimensions.
  • Resize product models to match existing furnishings to see how they will fit and appear inside the new living space.
  • Invite clients to make the property their own by decorating and furnishing the digital space.
  • Collaborate with clients, friends and family on furnishing and decorative features.
  • Adjust walls, windows and doors to plan basic renovations.
  • Visualize and feed costs of eligible property improvements (ie. flooring, windows, kitchen remodels) into an online mortgage application.

All images are screen shots taken in WebGL

We make it easy

Robust design software in real time without the learning curve. Clients will love it.

Let's count the ways

DigiDigz offers individual and broker subscription options with full training for do-it-yourselfers.

Convenience all around

Buyers plan furniture placement and order window coverings before taking possession.

What returns?

Interactive 3D floor plans help buyers see the potential in properties that might otherwise be overlooked.

Picturethis3D has the most advanced product visualization platform in the market. If you want your customers coming back for life, you need to add our new standard in digital property visualization to your marketing plan.

Are you ready?